11 septembrie 2012

the way he...

i love the way he looks at me. the way he smiles,because he means it. the way he runs after me when i get mad. the way he screams my name when he's upset. the way we used to swim togheter. the way he tackles me. the way he laughs at his own jokes. the way he tries to be the coolest boy ever. the way he looks away when somebody tell him that he likes me.the way i used to shop with his mom. the way we watch football togheter. the way he says' can i come to your place tomorrow? yes? okay' . the way he talks about his family situation. the way my mom always tell him he's beautiful. the way i read his diary. the way he tried to find mine. the way he wears his blue vans. the way he laughed when i put him to shop with me. the way we used to sleep in the same bed. the way we use to live under the same house in the summer holiday. the way he makes me feel. the way he makes me smile everytime i think about him. the way i still log into his facebook account just to read his messages. the way he comes at my house when i'm still at school. the way he lies in my bed watching TV. the way we use to fight with pillows. the way he always refuses to let me go home alone. the way  he makes me feel. .
and i...love him just the way i will never be able to talk about. because no one will ever understand <3

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