25 noiembrie 2014


I crave you so bad,from the bottom of your feet to the top of your nose
I am not quite sure if this is happiness or numbness. Sometimes I wonder why
I crave your touch, making me feel like I’m being electrocuted in the best way possible
I crave your lust-filled eyes looking at me with the conviction that I am the only being worth conquering in this universe
I crave your laugh; so simple yet mesmerizing, making me feel things I never thought could be felt.
I crave your smile, lighting up my world as if I am surrounded by a million suns
I crave a love so deep the ocean would be jealous
I'm craving the taste of your lips just like you're craving the taste of your cigarettes
I crave you so bad the depths of my soul are screaming your name
I crave you with every inch of my being
I crave your breath on my cheeks
I crave the touch of your fingers wrapped in mine.
I crave you and right now just memories aren’t working for me…

8 ianuarie 2014

e 2014 si anul asta nou aduce doar deceptii vechi,e legal?are voie?
ce nemernic.
e iarna si cred ca o sa mi-o petrec uitandu-te;
e 8 ianuarie si afara-i frig si ceata si soarele se ascunde,inecand in adancuri singurele amintiri pe care le mai avem.
e ora 9 si timpul fuge sub talpile mele intr-o directie 
pe care toti am uitat ca trebuie sa o urmam;
trece greu dar trece si mi te ia si te ascunde.
unde esti..?
te-am pierdut si m-am pierdut